What Adult Day Service Companies Should Look for When Purchasing Software

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Nearly all businesses engaged in the well-being of seniors recognize that to operate with optimum efficiency, it pays to have important information – such as a person’s medical records and information, attendance records and billing and marketing lists – stored electronically. This makes information easier to access, helping a business run more smoothly. This is particularly true for adult day service companies and other healthcare providers, as people’s well-being depends on accurate information being shared accurately and accessed easily. For businesses that are regulated and have to meet governmental compliance standards, having an easy way to record and access information is essential.

So what should you look for when choosing a company for your software solution needs? Here are our top things to consider when looking to partner with a software company:

Focused Area of Expertise

ADS Data Systems specializes in adult day service and other community-based healthcare providers. This dedication to a single industry means we understand the needs of our customers. In fact, our founder used to own an adult day service company, so has firsthand experience in what’s needed to achieve optimum care, compliance, safety and profitability.

Data Storage

Make sure your software provider is storing your data with daily backups in HIPAA-compliant data centers located within the U.S. Not all data centers are HIPAA-compliant.

Cyber Breach Insurance

Make sure your software provider is covered for cyber breaches. This helps ensure you are covered as well. Ask to see proof of coverage from their insurance carrier.

Customer Service and Support

How many people are there to support you when you have an issue or problem? Are they able to provide training on the software? Is support provided in the U.S. or is it out of the country, which may create language barriers? Does the company have a good reputation for customer service? Ask for references so you can speak with current customers about the service they receive.

Software Development

Who develops the software and what is their expertise? Do they know the industry and do they listen to customer needs? Are they flexible enough to take customer feedback to provide solutions quickly? Are they able to tailor the software for unique situations or is their product a “one size fits all” solution?

Software Updates

How often does the company update their software? Do they provide updates free of charge? Do they work to ensure the software keeps up with ever-changing technology requirements and governmental regulations?

Platform Updates

How often does the company update their platform? It’s important to be on the latest version of the platform for security at the software level.


Does the software meet and maintain program documentation that helps you meet federal and state governmental regulations?


Does the software have the capability to grow with your organization and adapt to changing market and payer expectations?


Is your software flexible enough to meet the specific needs of your company? Are there options for:

  • Billing features: 270/271 Eligibility, 837 batch billing, 835 imports, UB-04, CMS-1500
  • Service levels (e.g., Basic, Pro and Enterprise)
  • Ability to change/adjust data in drop down fields
  • Choices of which modules to purchase – add additional modules at any time
  • Web or desktop option
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