Using Technology to Create Growth and Improve Health Outcomes

caregivers in adult day center showing computer screen to elderly participant


The adult day services industry is faced with meeting ever-increasing federal, state and payer requirements. The world of paper files and fax machines we once used to conduct business no longer exists. The expanding interface between service providers, regulatory agencies and payers is a dynamic challenge, requiring a greater use of technology. Here are some ways adult day service centers throughout the country are benefiting from technology.

 Electronic Health Records

One of the most important changes in healthcare of the past half century is the Electronic Health Record (EHR). While the very first EHRs appeared in the 1960s, widespread use is a fairly recent phenomenon. EHR implementation nearly doubled from 2007 to 2012 to more than 71 percent of health care providers using them. Today, that number is even higher. That’s why EHR technology is essential for all health care providers. Because of EHR’s pervasiveness, health care providers of all stripes have come to expect others in the field to have access to this incredibly important tool. Without it, you’re not only putting your participants at risk, you’re putting the life of your company at risk. One of the most important aspects of EHRs is their highly beneficial impact on patient outcomes. A 2012 survey of healthcare providers found that 75 percent of respondents said EHRs allowed them to deliver better patient care. EHRs, in addition to improving care and positively affecting health outcomes, can securely meet HIPAA and compliance requirements. Dashboard options provide solutions for staying on top of due date requirements. As with most technology, there is no finish line! Ongoing software updates are required to continue improving healthcare delivery and meeting ever-changing requirements.

Attendance and billing

Keeping an accurate attendance record is essential for accurate billing and ensuring your adult day service receives proper payment. A good attendance and billing program will allow you to:

  • Enhance revenues by more accurate eligibility verification and eBilling
  • Provide eBilling with Medicaid MCOs, MCOs with Clearinghouse, VA, and Medicare supplemental plans
  • Generate attendance reports

Building customer relationships

Every savvy businessperson knows that building a successful business depends on building strong client relationships. By having the ability to capture and analyze data, you are able to know more about your clients and prospects. This allows you to provide them with information they will find relevant and valuable, increasing the trust they place in you and helping to build a strong relationship.

Clinical functionality

Using technology helps streamline tasks, boost efficiencies and reduces risk for errors. Streamlining tasks enables your staff to spend less time on documentation and more time doing what they do best – caring for your participants.

Calculating your return on investment (ROI)

When it comes to ROI in healthcare keep in mind there are soft returns and hard returns on investment. Soft ROI can be defined as clinical variables such as patient safety, process improvement, & regulatory compliance.  If you’re like most adult day service companies using technology, you’ll notice an increase in revenues from more accurate billing and a streamlined admissions process. You should also notice cost reductions from reduced copying expenses and chart storage, improved administrative efficiency (compliance tracking, reporting capabilities, quick access to chart), and improved clinical efficiency (due date reminders and improved medication management, reducing risk of errors).

Budgeting for Technology

  • Create small business accounts for hardware needs with hardware vendors
  • Identify resources/vendors for: hardware purchase, hardware maintenance, software.
  • Monthly Software as a Service [SaaS] includes: software, support, updates, maintenance, back-up, data storage, and training. The monthly SaaS is easier to budget and enables you to have up to date software.

Evaluating business needs when considering software

  • New Centers

Ensure the software program you choose enables you to track inquiries and admissions, achieve HIPAA compliance, data storage, accurately track attendance and billing, provide easy accessibility for nursing and clinical documentation that meets regulatory and payer requirements with “due date” monitoring.

  • Existing centers

For existing centers seeking to transition from paper to software technology or from one software technology to another, in addition to the above create an implementation plan which the software vendor to include any data import, billing requirements and staff training.

  • Multi-site organizations

For companies with several facilities, create a strategic plan to transition from paper to electronic or from one electronic system to another software system. In addition to the above, incorporate management reports both by individual sites and across all locations. Consider group training webinars across multiple locations to streamline and accelerate the training process.

Technology has important implications on business operations and revenue cycle management. In today’s world you can’t successfully run any business without technology. To learn more visit our website or email us at


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