Tips for Reopening Your Center

Finally, the pandemic is loosening its grip on daily life. We’re not entirely out of the woods, but it’s definitely time to prepare for a better year. This is a good time to review your marketing plans and your operating software and systems. It will be time well spent toward bringing your center out of COVID-19 and re-asserting your value to the community.

Marketing review

During the pandemic, more seniors have gotten online and become comfortable with social media. They or their family members will be interacting with you in that space, and looking for current information about your center. Use this list to make sure they see current, accurate information:


  • What are your key marketing messages for 2021? You might focus on the benefits of adult day, establishing your center as a resource, or promoting the quality of care and environment you provide.
  • Once you’ve got your messages, create a simple document with your overall theme and supporting messages. Use it throughout the year to guide your social media, email, and blog content.
  • Is your COVID-19 information up to date, or is it dated March 2020? Vaccine distribution and opening schedules may be a moving target, but you can acknowledge that while giving the most current information. Update the info weekly and be sure to include topics such as mask policies, cleanliness, attendance limits, etc.


  • How does your website look? If it looks like it’s lived through a pandemic, it may be time for an upgrade.
  • A link to your COVID-related updates should be easily noticeable on your homepage.
  • Is your website ADA compliant and using a responsive design that works on mobile devices?
  • Make sure you’re easy to contact. Your website should display your phone number and email prominently.
  • If you’re open, be sure to keep your daily program schedule up to date.

Email marketing

  • Build your list with new contacts, especially focusing on families and referral sources who might help you refill your center as you are able to open.
  • Purge your email list of duplicates and bad addresses.
  • Create an email communications schedule.
  • Be ready to send emails about when you will reopen and the services available. Until then, develop a stay-in-touch plan to stay top of mind with your community.
  • If you have the skills and resources, a blog can be helpful in supporting your email communications.

Social media

  • Use your messaging document to guide and plan social media posts. Post about your activities, your openings, and resources that can help those you serve – and showcase how you help.
  • Use healthcare observance calendars to create timely posts. These calendars also offer ways to highlight your team (e.g., Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day). This will make your social media program easier to manage.
  • Create a regular posting schedule and stick to it.
  • If you have a blog, be sure to link to new posts on social media.

Systems and software

WellSky’s web application allows staff to log in from anywhere, at any time. As adult day centers are planning to re-open or return to normal census while recovering from COVID-19, here are five key advantages to using the WellSky Adult Day Software system in your centers:

  • Capture attendance for telehealth and in-person care.
  • Document telehealth visits.
  • Bill electronically via 837, UB04, HCFA1500 or invoice.
  • Document MARs, care plans and assessments electronically.
  • Work with an experienced and responsive training and technical support team.

We’re here to help you get back on track smoothly and efficiently!