iStock_000031944510_FullThe ADS Data Systems software package is available in Web or Cloud-based Desktop applications. It enables community-based health services organizations to remain compliant with Payer and Licensing regulations while reducing risks for errors. A wide range of features have been created to help you streamline and automate day-to-day operational tasks to increase efficiencies which will save you time and money. The ADS Data Systems software features include:

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  • Attendance/Census Tracking and Automated Invoicing
  • Electronic Batch Billing (837P or 837I)
  • CACFP Tracking
  • Physicians’ Orders
  • Medication & Treatment Administration Records (MARs & TARs)
  • Intake Tracking
  • Transportation Routing
  • Care Plans
  • Progress Notes and Assessment Tools
  • Reporting Capability, and more!

For a complete list of software features, contact us for the detailed specifications included in each module. The ADS team will help you choose the version that is right for your organization.