Attendance & Billing

iStock_000031944510_FullThe Attendance & Billing module accurately tracks attendance, which will generate your billing. This allows you to ensure you are receiving proper payment for the services you provide.


Attendance & Billing features include:

  • Generates billing from the daily attendance for:
    • Electronic third party payers such as Medicaid or MCO batch billing (837P or 837I)
    • Track participants by authorization end date
    • Invoicing for VA and other third parties (UB04, CMS 1500)
    • Private invoicing (pre-bill or post-bill)
    • Ancillary charges (incontinence care, showers, flu shots, glucose monitoring, etc.)
  • CACFP tracking
  • Track days of attendance with Time In and Time Out
  • Generate reports on Attendance, Accounts Receivable & Aging reports