Return on Investment

iStock_000014496705_XXXLargeWe recognize the challenging environment of our customers and work diligently to help each one be more successful through affordable technology, properly designed and implemented. Here’s just some of the ways you can increase your ROI with ADS software.

Revenue Enhancement

  • Streamlining the admissions process
  • Simplified and accurate billing from your daily attendance
  • Add ancillary charges for private pay
  • CMS1500 & UB-04 billing for Veterans Administration
  • Medicaid & MCO batch billing reduces billing time
  • Medicaid & MCO electronic EOB  payment matching

Cost Reduction

  • Reduced copying expenses
  • Reduced chart and paper storage costs
  • Reduced cost for paper supplies
  • Efficiencies that save time and money, allowing more time for providing care
  • Compliance Tracking reduces risk of fines for noncompliance
  • No outlay of large capital expenditures for servers, IT staff or software developers

Improved Administrative Efficiency

  • Improved compliance tracking
  • Improved reporting capabilities
  • Quick and easy access to charts in or out of the office
  • Less time filing, looking for charts and paperwork

Improved Clinical Efficiency

  • Due Date Reminders for regulatory compliance
  • Easy-to-read documentation reducing risk for error
  • Improved Medication Management reducing risk for error
  • Quick views of data for indicating improvement or decline
  • Care Plan libraries