Learn the Advantages of Transitioning to Electronic Health Records

Does your center have paper files? WellSky Adult Day has years of experience helping adult day centers transition from paper to our easy-to-use EHR system. Our comprehensive solution includes options for attendance, activity and CACFP tracking, Care Plans, E-Billing for Medicaid, MCO’s, VA and private pay. Electronic Health Records (EHR) are essential for all healthcare providers. At WellSky Adult Day, we can help you improve your operations by minimizing errors and offering more efficiency with an affordable EHR solution built specifically for the needs of adult day centers.

New features

As with most technology, there is no finish line! We offer ongoing software updates to continuously improve healthcare delivery and meet ever-changing state and payor requirements.

Here are some of our latest updates:

New Health Record and Billing Reporting Options

More than 25 Assessment Tools with Tracking by Scores and Due Dates

E-signatures for Care Plans with Customizable Library, Tracking by Due Date & Staff

Activities Tracking with Library and Participation and Attendance Reports

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Here’s what an EHR can do for you

  • Improve recordkeeping, efficiency, and overall operational structure
  • Improve attendance tracking for more accurate billing
  • Make data easily searchable and accessible by staff
  • Caregivers spend more time caring for participants, less time chasing paper
  • Improve security with our HIPAA compliant solution
  • Center Directors/Administrators control staff access
  • Safe Off-site Data Storage with Daily Backups

Here’s what our customers have to say:

Keep compliance on track. “Virginia is a highly regulated state, and the ADS program alerts us automatically if we have reports that are overdue,” said Joel Bednoski, the former executive director of Insight Memory Care Center in Fairfax, Va. “This is a tremendous help.”

Simplify billing. “What used to take me two weeks now takes a day or two,” said Patricia Nealon, the business manager at Clelian Adult Day Center in Hamden, Conn. “The ability to do billing so quickly has freed up much of my time and both improved and speeded up our cash flow.”

Improve training

“Our training time has been cut in half,” said Bednoski. “With paper records, you had to walk everyone through each form and a long intricate process.”

Devote more time to clients

“Even people who were resistant to the change from paper to digital recordkeeping had to admit how easy it was to use,” said Donna Spellman, the executive director at River House Adult Day Center in Fairfield County, Conn. The system was so easy to use, her staff didn’t even need the offered training. “We noticed immediately that documentation was more thorough, communication improved, productivity increased, and people were able to spend more time with our clients, which resulted in better care.”

More time with clients and better care:

We believe those are the most important outcomes we can help you achieve. Contact us today to learn how WellSky Adult Day can help you increase efficiencies and improve your bottom line!

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