How We Help

Portrait Of Male Nurse Working At Nurses StationADS Data Systems provides an affordable software solution to enhance daily operations, compliance, and cash flow. The applications are easy to use and increase efficiencies to help boost your bottom line.

The ADS Software package will help you:

  • Reduce administrative burdens
  • Reduce inefficiencies in the care process
  • Reduce overall costs of care
  • Stay in compliance with Medicaid and Licensing due dates and regulations
  • Minimize risk for errors by eliminating duplication of tasks
  • Keep client information timely and easily accessible

The easy-to-follow design format gives care providers information that is straightforward and useful for reducing costs, maintaining compliance and improving the welfare of the client, including:

  • Tracking management, processes and interventions
  • Tracking attendance for accurate reimbursement across multiple payers
  • Automatically triggering and compiling mandated data for compliance with reimbursement, licensing, accreditation and other regulatory requirements
  • Giving facilities the capability to electronically bill by compiling and formatting service data for timely and accurate reimbursement
  • Producing concise and meaningful reports

This Cloud-based software application is easily accessed from any location with:

  • State-of-the-art technology for a low monthly cost
  • No outlay of large capital expenditures for servers, IT staff or software developers
  • Remote or on-site 24/7 users access
  • Numerous security levels to ensure HIPAA compliance
  • Automatic updates and software scalability


A backup service for your data is provided as part of the monthly subscription agreement. In the unfortunate event your computer crashes, your data will be ready for you to get back online within minutes.


All software updates are received automatically over the internet and are included in the monthly subscription service. With continuous changes in State and Federal regulations along with provider feedback we are continuously improving our product.

Training and Support

Education is the key to success with software. High turnover and demanding schedules can make it difficult for staff to keep current on all the things your facility has to offer. ADS Data Systems offers a full spectrum of training tools designed for the real world of adult day care and other community-based health service providers.

  • Dedicated online training sessions during the first 90 days
  • Individually tailored on-going on-line training as needed
  • ADS Help User’s Module

HIPAA Compliance

ADS Data Systems complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), administered by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The text of specific HIPAA regulations can be downloaded from the U.S. Department for Health and Human Services (DHHS) website at HIPAA security compliance is integral to the ADS Data Systems Software. Each facility staff member is assigned a unique user identifier through a personal electronic ID and password. The automatic log out system closes the client data screen to maintain confidentiality when the user is away from their computer terminal.



  • We maintain and support the software
  • We maintain the secure servers
  • No internal network upgrades needed